Best real estate investment project near Bangalore

Posted Date: 22 Apr 2016 |Updated: 22-Apr-2016 |Category: Farmlands Projects |
Are you looking for the best real estate investment options in and around Bangalore? Learn more about investing in Divine Euphoria vacation farmland project, which offers the best returns on your investments.
Divine Euphoria is one of a kind, unique farmland project which earned the trust of several real estate investors. Vacation home is no longer considered as a luxury or richman’s deal. Like the western countries, Indians too have started changing their lifestyle to live the life to its best.

Real estate investment is always a risky one unless you plan your investment real well and do your homework before you throw your money there. Even though Bangalore rarely experienced price drop for real estate properties, it still had its up and down. However, even during the worst times, holiday properties are the ones that stood up with always increasing the value.

Why invest in a second home near Bangalore?

Over the past 10 years, Bangalore has gone through a lot of climatic and lifestyle changes. The garden city, which was considered as one of the best city to live in India, is no longer an attractive destination for retired life or holidays. Pollution, shortage of clean water, excessive crowd, traffic issues, increased atmospheric temperature – all these make the residents of Bangalore look for a second home or holiday home in the outskirts where they can enjoy the nature, breath clean air and relax. Divine Euphoria is located at a beautiful location, surrounded by hills and lakes and is away from all the pollution and crowd. See some real photos from this unique farmland project.

Invest in the farmland-cum-vacation property

If you are looking for the best real estate investments around Bangalore, Divine Euphoria is one of the best options for you. It’s just 65 km away from Bangalore and the future is very bright for this project with the proposed peripheral ring road and on going expansion of the Bangalore – Mysore highway via Kanakapura. Find the exact location of Divine Euphoria.

Why Divine Euphoria is a great option for real estate investments?

Here are some reasons why Divine Euphoria could be one of the best real estate investments for you:

  • Holiday properties are going through very high demand and the prices are going up steadily.


  • There are no other farmland projects like Divine Euphoria within 100km from Bangalore.


  • The land value is appreciating in a steady manner. Divine Euphoria started selling at Rs 50 per square feet a few years ago and currently the selling price is Rs 299 per sq ft. The price is expected to go really high once all the amenities are completed in the next 2 years


  • You can buy small or large plots. There are investment options for large and small investors.


  • You may optionally build your own vacation home and rent it out, giving you extra income on your investments.


  • Buying real estate in Bangalore would cost you anywhere from Rs 2,500 to Rs 20,000 per sq ft depending on the area you invest. But you can buy real estate in Divine Euphoria at fraction of the cost.


  • Many people who have invested here are building their vacation homes currently and they all look very beautiful. Once several vacation homes are completed here, it will make this project very attractive to the people who want to buy or build vacation homes. The prices are expected to go very high in the next few years.

If you are looking for real estate investment opportunities in Bangalore or in the suburbs, call us today. Our sales team will be happy to arrange a site visit and show you the entire farmland.

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